No company offers better investment consulting than the Merritt Company.

Every property is unique and has some biggest and best use options so you need a company that can evaluate all the potential costs of different improvement options and time involved with the best design options. It is very important to know what improvements to do and how much it will cost in money and time.
Sometimes it is advantageous to tear down and start from spec and sometimes it is best to work with what you have. An understanding of which investments to make will take some research into the Real Estate market your looking to enter. That research is what we are also exceptional at here at the Merritt Company because we have the experience to understand the details that make up the value in the areas we research. These details are subtle and abstract to many but are the keys to understanding the many different market values in a state, town, community, neighborhood or street. Contact us for a consultation before acquiring any piece of property. We look forward to working with you.